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New Arrivals

The following is only a representative list of our New Arrivals. Sorry, we do not have ecommerce right now. To make a purchase, click on Purchases to the right and follow the instructions.

Crystals & Minerals

septarian nodule

Septarian nodule half (on the left), from Utah, is 6" long, 5" high and 3" wide. It has a very nice calcite crystal group with distinctive brown aragonite banding and nice patterns. A nice specimen to add to your collection or to use as a decorator piece.


fish fossil

Fossil fish (on the left) with custom, black stand. Diplomystus denatus, Green River formation, Wyoming, 11" wide, 5 1/2" high and 1/4" deep (dimensions do not include the stand), Eocene (36-58 million years old).


faceted tourmaline necklace

Faceted tourmaline necklace (on the left), 16" long with a 14kt serrated ball clasp.

Cultured, fresh water pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets in many colors and styles.

Roman glass (2,000 years old), sterling silver jewelry.


Sculpture & Decorator

malachite car

Malachite car(on the left), from the Congo, is 6" long, 2 1/2" high and 2" wide, constructed of individual pieces of malachite exhibiting nice banding and bulls' eyes. A very definite unique and unusual piece of art for the collector or to give as a fine gift.


A fluorite owl pair 01 on top of a quartz point with red and green tourmaline, would make a nice decorator piece or a special item for an owl collector.


tumbled stones

Tumbled stones (on the left) in a large variety of gemstones. Massage wands in a variety of materials including chevron amethyst, hematite, rose quartz, unikite, etc. The chevron amethyst wand is in its natural form with a tumble polish.


easel stand, acrylic

Easel stands of various sizes made of acrylic (on the left) and wood. Ideal for an flat object such as ammonites, pyrite suns, agate geode slices and plates. Also, easels with longer bases are available for bowls.

Rotating color wheel light displays using fluorescent or halogen bulbs, great for clear quartz obelisks and generators. The halogen type also has a rotating turntable which can be removed.


abalone shell

Abalone shells (unpolished) from N. California (on the left) in different sizes. Note that the above acrylic stand is being used to hold the shell.

Polished paua shells from New Zealand with beautiful iridescent colors are also available.


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