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The following is only a representative list of our inventory. Sorry, we do not have ecommerce right now. To make a purchase click on Purchases to the right and follow the instructions.

Crystal & Mineral

apophyllite, green

agate, amethyst, angelite, amber,apophyllite, aquamarine, azurite, bloodstone, calcite, charoite, citrine, chalcedony, chrysocolla, cuprite, dacite, danburite, gem silica, garnet, goethite, halite, hematite, herkimers, kyanite, lapis lazuli, larimar, lepidolite, obsidian, quartz, ruby, rutile sapphire, sodalite, sugulite, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, zoisite, etc.



ammonite, clam, dinosaur bone, fish, insects in amber, leaf, lizard, orthecera, shark teeth, trilobite, whale bone, etc.


turquoise, large roundels

Native American, ethnic, traditional and contemporary in silver and gold-all our jewelry complements our crystal, mineral and fossil collection.

Sculpture & Decorator

leopard, dacite and ruby

sculptures in aquamarine, garnet, lapis lazuli, opal, quartz, sugulite, tourmaline, ruby included zoisite, etc. of angels, bears, boxes, bowls, dolphins, dragons, eggs, fish, frogs, owls, lizards, mermaids, obelisks, plates, skulls, snakes, spheres, turtles, whales, vases, etc.

decorator pieces of large clusters in quartz, amethyst, calcite, fluorite, etc.; bookends, fountains, etc.

Zuni fetish carvings of all different animals in a variety of minerals

sculptures in bronze, ceramic, glass, pewter, wood and other media of bowls, fish, fairies, dolphins, leprechauns, mermaids, vases, whales, wizards, etc.


wand, 13 sided

massage tools, pendulums, sage bundles, wands in different minerals, etc.


stand, frog

books, cards, charts, lighted display stands, pillows, pouches, stands for spheres, eggs, specimens, etc.



arrowheads, coral, incense, shells, etc.

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